Tuesday, 24 August 2010

who am i ?!

My names chloe and im a beauty vlogger on youtube under the screen name of makeupbychloegracex, im new to this blogging thing but recently ive been obsessed with viewing them, so i thaught what the heck, im going to give it a go. Im just a 14 year old girl who cant afford fancy makeup products or designer clothes, and im here to relate to people just like me. makeup isnt my life, its just a hobby, and me creating my videos ( and this new blog ) is just like a runner running a race, or a chef cooking a cake, im just doing what i love, and if people mock me for it, then shame on them, im going to express my love and passion for everything beautiful and make the most out of my life :)

on this blog i will be posting various photos, quotes, song lyrics that i love, and other things that might take my fancy along the way, and i hope that you enjoy everything that i post,

xoxo chloegrace x

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